2024 Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Review
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2024 Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Review

Specialized is recognized for its relentless updates and improvements across its product range. Nearly every model undergoes redesigns biennially to ensure they stay ahead in terms of innovation, design, and performance. The latest iteration, the Turbo Levo Comp Alloy, is no exception, broadening its appeal with versatility that caters to a myriad of riding styles while maintaining the expected power, range, and the joy it brings to electric mountain biking.

Performance Overview

Downhill Agility and Customization

Downhill Agility and Customization

Turbo Levo Comp Alloy stands out with significant advancements in adjustability, directly influencing downhill performance. This model offers six distinct geometry settings. These settings are achieved through swappable head cups and flip chips on the chainstays, allowing substantial alterations to the bike’s geometry. By adjusting the head angle and bottom bracket height, riders can tailor the bike’s setup for varying terrains and preferences—from a snappy trail ride to conquering steep descents with ease.

Furthermore, the introduction of mixed wheel sizes enhances the bike’s versatility. A larger 29-inch front wheel coupled with a 27.5-inch rear wheel provides a balance of stability and maneuverability, ideal for navigating diverse landscapes. The design updates ensure a dynamic ride that can be fine-tuned in minutes, providing a personalized experience that adapts to the rider’s style and the challenges of the trail.

Although tipping the scales at around 50 pounds, Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy weight is excellently distributed. The smaller rear wheel significantly contributes to a nimble and agile feel in the bike’s backend.

Climbing Performance: Power and Comfort

Climbing Performance

Climbing is where the Turbo Levo Comp Alloy also shines, thanks to a blend of ergonomic design and robust motor power. The updated motor eliminates previous issues with abrupt power cutoffs, delivering a smoother, more natural power delivery. The riding experience uphill is as engaging as the descents, supported by a tuneable assistance via the Mission Control app, ensuring the power settings are dialed in to meet specific needs.

Despite its substantial weight, typical of full-power e-MTBs, the Turbo Levo maintains a balanced feel that rivals lighter, non-powered trail bikes. This balance is enhanced by a geometry that changes significantly with adjustable settings, allowing for a customized ride that can be agile or more controlled based on the rider’s setup choices. The SRAM GX 12-speed drivetrain offers a broad range and reliable performance, and although the bike includes shorter 160mm Praxis cranks, the pedal assistance ensures they perform optimally without the usual drawbacks.

Range and Power Output

Battery Life and Range

Range and Power Output

In the realm of e-MTBs, range anxiety can be a considerable concern. To mitigate this, the Turbo Levo Comp Alloy comes equipped with a 700Wh battery. Although this was once the pinnacle of battery capacity, the competitive landscape is evolving with bigger batteries entering the market. However, this does not detract from the Levo’s performance. Extensive testing on diverse terrains—from standardized hill climbs to grueling trail rides—demonstrates the battery’s impressive capability.

During standardized testing, the Levo covered 33.14 miles and ascended 5,341 vertical feet on a single charge in Turbo mode – an impressive feat by any standard. Real-world applications further confirmed its robust range. For instance, a 185-pound rider achieved 35 miles with up to 7,000 feet of climbing using a mix of Trail and Turbo modes. Even more demanding rides, such as multiple laps on steep trails in Downieville, California, were within the Levo’s reach, managing three laps totaling 18 miles and 6,600 vertical feet in Turbo mode.

Power Output: The Heart of the Levo

Battery life

The Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor integrated into the Levo is a standout for its power and refinement. Delivering 90NM of torque and a peak output of 565 watts, this motor is both potent and relatively quiet, though it can be audible under high torque demands. Its design marks a significant advancement over previous models, eliminating the abrupt power cut-off and instead providing a continuous, smooth power flow that even extends slightly after pedaling stops.

The Levo offers multiple riding modes—Turbo, Trail, and Eco—tailored to varying exertion levels and battery conservation needs. These modes are further customizable through the Specialized Mission Control App, which also allows riders to monitor power usage, track rides, and adjust settings for optimal performance. The app is a crucial tool for managing the e-bike’s capabilities, particularly for tailoring it to personal riding styles and the demands of specific trails.

A practical addition is the walk-assist mode, which aids in pushing the bike at speeds up to 3.7 mph, proving useful in situations where riding isn’t possible.

E-Bike Controls and Build Quality

E-Bike Control System

While the Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy boasts significant improvements in control placement and functionality, it falls slightly short when compared to some competitors, primarily due to its lack of a digital display screen. The LED display, which is now a standard on the top tube, marks a significant improvement over previous versions. This setup offers an intuitive interface reminiscent of a smartphone—managing power modes and monitoring battery life through a simple one-button control and a clear, segmented LED ring that displays the current mode and battery status.

However, for those seeking a digital screen, more premium models in the Turbo Levo range or an additional handlebar-mounted display might be necessary, as these features come at a higher cost. The handlebar control unit remains minimalistic, equipped with essential buttons for adjusting pedal assist settings and activating the walk-assist feature, proving both effective and non-intrusive.

Specialized has introduced two additional modes accessible via the Mission Control App—Stealth and Shuttle modes—enhancing the riding experience for specific needs like maximum power or discrete operation. The charging port has also been redesigned for better protection against dirt and moisture, addressing previous vulnerabilities.

Build Quality: Premium Pricing Meets Trail Performance

Build Quality: 160mm cranks

The build of the Turbo Levo Comp Alloy reflects its premium price point, though it does not necessarily surpass all competitors in every aspect. The bike is equipped with a Fox Rhythm 36 fork for the front suspension, which handles the 160mm of travel adequately, though it lacks the e-bike-specific enhancements that could improve durability. The rear suspension features a Fox Float X Performance shock, well-regarded for its smooth performance and adjustability.

The cockpit setup includes a 780mm wide handlebar and a short stem, paired with Specialized lock-on grips, offering precise control and comfortable handling. The internally routed 175mm X-Fusion Manic dropper post performs reliably, complementing the well-regarded Specialized Bridge Comp saddle for overall ride comfort.

The wheel setup includes mixed-size Specialized Alloy rims with Specialized Butcher and Eliminator tires, providing a balance of traction and durability, though the rear tire could benefit from a sturdier casing to match the bike’s aggressive capabilities.

Braking is managed by SRAM Code R 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, which, while generally effective, showed some signs of sponginess and inconsistency during intense use. The drivetrain comprises a 12-speed SRAM GX setup with a wide-range 10-52t cassette and short 160mm Praxis cranks, reducing the risk of pedal strikes and supporting the bike’s robust pedal-assist capabilities.


Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy – $5,999

Price: 5999 USD

Following the in-depth review of features, such mountain e-bike certainly demands a premium investment. However, for those who can stretch their budget, this e-MTB offers exceptional value. Specialized’s extensive experience shines through in the Turbo Levo Comp’s sophisticated design and integrated features. Equipped with a robust motor, the versatile Mission Control app, and a frame designed for trail and all-mountain riding, it builds impressively on the foundations laid by its predecessors. The bike’s mixed wheel sizes and highly adjustable geometry enhance its versatility, making it a top choice for riders seeking a high-performance, full-power electric mountain bike that adeptly handles a variety of riding styles and terrains.

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