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2024 Gocycle G4i Review

The Gocycle G4i stands out in the crowd of electric bikes. Unlike its peers that often camouflage their electric nature, the G4i embraces its electric identity with a design that speaks to the future. Its aesthetic retains the iconic, almost sci-fi appeal Gocycle is known for, making it immediately recognizable as an electric bike.

Advanced Material Construction: A Symphony of Elements

The Evolution of Frame Design

Frame Design

From its inception, Gocycle has consistently pushed the boundaries of bike frame design. The latest G4i model showcases a sophisticated blend of materials: aluminum, carbon fiber, and magnesium. The structure begins with an aluminum front section designed to house the removable battery. This material also forms the telescopic seat post and the primary components of the adjustable handlebars.

Carbon Fiber and Magnesium Integration

The mid-frame, crafted from carbon fiber, links to the front via a titanium pin, illustrating a commitment to lightweight strength and seamless design. The rear is dominated by the innovative magnesium ‘Cleandrive’ system, encompassing a fully-enclosed chain drive and a Shimano Nexus 3-speed sequential gearbox. This clever enclosure aims to minimize maintenance hassles and keep clothing free from grease—a practical touch for daily commuters.

Innovative Drive System

Power and Control

Gocycle G4i Electric Motor

The front hub houses the G4drive motor, delivering either 250 watts of power in the UK and Europe or a robust 500 watts in the US. This motor is fine-tuned to offer increased torque at lower speeds, enhancing both acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities. Additionally, a built-in traction control system prevents the front wheel from losing grip, particularly under challenging conditions or steep starts.

Suspension and Wheels

A suspension arm connects the Cleandrive to the mid-frame, providing one inch of travel for added comfort. This setup demonstrates responsiveness, especially noticeable when mounting the bike swiftly. The 20-inch magnesium wheels, equipped with wide, silica-infused Vredestein tires, offer both durability and puncture resistance. The unique single-sided fork design simplifies tire removal, should you need to replace them.

Smart Features and Ergonomics

Predictive Electronic Shifting

Gocycle G4i electronic shifter

One of the most captivating features of the G4i is its predictive electronic shifting, linked to torque sensors in the motor and bottom bracket. This system anticipates the rider’s gear needs based on their riding style and conditions, promising a smoother and more intuitive ride.

Integrated Dashboard and Lighting

The aluminum handlebars feature an integrated ‘dashboard’ with LEDs indicating battery level, speed, gear position, and daylight running light status. This dashboard, inspired by racecar technology, consolidates all necessary information in an easily accessible and visually appealing format.

Portability and Practical Weight

Effortless Folding Mechanics

The Gocycle G4i offers an impressively quick and simple folding process that’s mastered in under 25 seconds—though it does come with a slight learning curve. Activation involves a red aluminum button on the mid-frame and a similar mechanism at the base of the top-tube. This sequence allows the bars to be folded downward and the frame inward efficiently. Despite the rapid fold, caution is advised due to potential pinch points. Once compacted, the bike’s top-heavy nature requires some acclimatization for maneuvering, yet it remains sufficiently nimble for navigating through busy urban transit systems or fitting into the boot of a small hatchback, with the saddle aiding in its mobility.

Gocycle G4i Weight: Companion for the Urban Commuter

Gocycle G4i weighs 17.1kg (37.7 lbs)

Weighing in at just 17.1kg (37.7 lbs) including pedals but excluding the kickstand, the Gocycle G4i stands out as a lightweight option in the folding e-bike market. This manageable weight enhances the bike’s portability, making it an ideal choice for commuters who may need to carry their bike up stairs, onto public transport, or load it into a car. The streamlined weight coupled with its compact folded dimensions provides a practical solution for those seeking a blend of performance and convenience without the bulk typically associated with electric bikes.

GocycleConnect App: Integrating Technology with Riding

Setup and Customization

GocycleConnect - Setup and Customization

The GocycleConnect app serves as a central hub for setting up and customizing the Gocycle G4i, bridging the gap between traditional cycling and modern technology. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app facilitates a straightforward initial setup process with helpful safety check videos to ensure proper bike configuration. Once the bike is registered and paired with the app, users can dive into the customization of their riding experience.

Mode Selection and Power Management

GocycleConnect app Modes

The app offers a selection of five distinct riding modes, each tailored to different riding preferences and power needs. These modes range from Eco, which conserves battery life by activating power assistance at higher torque levels, to the more aggressive City+ mode. City+ is designed for urban environments where quick acceleration from stops is beneficial. It provides immediate power assistance upon pedaling and reaches full power at lower torque thresholds, making it ideal for stop-and-go city traffic.

Dashboard and Riding Statistics

Dashboard and Riding Statistics - GocycleConnect

GocycleConnect also acts as a live dashboard, displaying vital riding statistics such as speed, distance traveled, and remaining battery life. This feature transforms the phone into a real-time information center, enhancing the riding experience by keeping essential data at the rider’s fingertips. However, due to the unique design of the bike’s handlebars, standard phone mounts are incompatible. The bike instead uses strong elastic bands for securing the phone, a solution that might not appeal to everyone given the premium nature of the product.

Range and Battery Management

Gocycle G4i - Range and Battery Management

Gocycle’s stated range for the G4i is up to 80 km (50 miles), though practical range can vary significantly based on mode selection, terrain, and usage patterns. For example, frequent use of City+ mode in hilly areas significantly reduces range. The lithium-ion battery can be charged either in-frame or externally, offering flexibility depending on the rider’s needs. At low battery levels, the bike enters Power Saving mode, limiting power output to conserve energy, which can affect performance and gear shifting capabilities. Notably, even when the battery is low, a hidden feature allows riders to access a slight power boost by twisting the left throttle grip, offering a last-resort option to reach a destination.

Ride Quality and Performance

Stability and Handling

Gocycle Stability - wheelbase

Despite being a foldable model, the G4i showcases impressive stability that rivals and even exceeds many in its class, including some of the best hybrid bikes. With a wheelbase of 106.5cm, it’s a touch longer than a Brompton and demonstrates that foldable bikes need not sacrifice a smooth riding experience. This length provides a foundation for stable and responsive handling, alleviating the common ‘twitchiness’ associated with many folding bikes. The head angle is set at about 70 degrees, which is more relaxed than most road bikes and other folders, contributing to predictable and manageable steering dynamics. This geometry enables the G4i to handle urban environments adeptly, making quick work of dodging potholes and other common city road hazards.

Adjustability and Comfort

The G4i comes in one frame size but offers extensive adjustability to accommodate various rider heights, ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches. The telescopic seatpost, adjustable with an allen key stored conveniently under the saddle, allows for significant vertical customization. This adaptability extends to the handlebar height, ensuring that riders can fine-tune their riding position to match personal comfort and riding style, similar to the feel of a non-folding flat-bar bike.

Smooth Ride Components

GoCycle G4i smooth ride

The combination of fat tires, magnesium wheels, and elastomer rear suspension works harmoniously to smooth out most road vibrations, providing a comfortable ride. However, the 20-inch wheels, while effective across moderate unevenness, do reach their limit on more severe bumps and rougher terrain, a common limitation in smaller-wheeled bikes. The proprietary Gocycle/Vredestein tires perform well on a variety of surfaces, including light gravel, without any punctures reported during extensive testing—though individual experiences may vary.

Innovative Drivetrain

Riding Experience and Shifting

As mentioned, an intelligent mechanism of predictive shifting automatically adjusts gears based on riding speed and pedal cadence. For example, it downshifts to the first gear when coming to a stop, simplifying the start-up on take-off, and shifts up during descents or when freewheeling to optimize the gearing for the conditions without manual input. Although manual shifting is quicker for sudden accelerations, the automatic system adds a layer of convenience and innovation that enhances the overall riding experience.

Motor Efficiency and Traction Control

Motor Efficiency and Power Assistance

The power assistance from the motor is finely tuned to feel natural and smooth, avoiding the abrupt accelerations found in less sophisticated systems. It integrates effectively with the bike’s traction control to prevent front wheel spin, a particularly useful feature in wet or slippery conditions. Additionally, the motor operates quietly, enhancing the experience with minimal disturbance.


Gocycle G4i: €3,718

Gocycle G4i: €3,718

The Gocycle G4i commands a premium due to its advanced features and high-quality components, positioning it as a top-tier choice in the folding electric bike market. Designed for those who prioritize a mix of innovative design, performance, and portability, it appeals to consumers where budget is less of a constraint. This bike stands out as a stylish, enjoyable, and practical option for urban commuting and leisure.

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