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2024 Juiced RipRacer Review

The Juiced RipRacer stands out with its innovative blend of traditional BMX elements and modern electric bike technology. This hybrid presents a unique option for both trail enthusiasts and urban explorers who crave a BMX-style experience with a motorized boost.


Build: Sturdy Yet Simple

Build - RipRacer

The RipRacer’s design centers around a durable aluminum frame, characteristic of BMX bikes but with the added twist of a small-frame, fat-tire configuration. This includes 20-inch wheels housed within a 40.3-inch wheelbase, optimizing the bike for both agility and stability in diverse terrains. The absence of shock absorbers remains true to classic BMX design philosophies, promoting sharper turns and trick capabilities without the damping effect of suspension.

Power and Control: Hybrid Performance

Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a twist throttle, the RipRacer offers precise control and the ability to engage full electric power when needed. This is especially handy given the single-speed 12T-52T transmission, which provides about 4.5 wheel rotations for each pedal turn, allowing for less frantic pedaling at higher speeds. The 750-watt rear-hub motor enhances this setup, adjustable through a monochrome LCD controller that offers multiple modes from mild assistance to sport mode and full-on race mode, capable of pushing speeds up to 28 mph. The controller mounted on the handlebar also displays basic information, including battery level, speed, and distance.

Safety and Convenience: Thoughtful Extras

Safety isn’t an afterthought; a powerful 1,050-lumen headlight and a reactive taillight provide visibility and alertness in traffic, diminishing the need for additional lighting investments. Furthermore, a cleverly integrated secret compartment for an Apple AirTag ensures that the bike can be tracked if misplaced or stolen, adding a layer of security and peace of mind.

Customization and Accessories: Flexibility at a Cost

Standard Rear Rack

The RipRacer adopts a minimalist approach when it comes to accessories. Basic necessities like cargo racks are absent but can be added for additional cost starting from $69. The bike ships with a mechanical bell, with an option to upgrade to a louder electric bell for those who prefer a more audible presence on busy streets.

Power Unleashed: A Compact Dynamo

Impressive Torque and Power

Juiced RipRacer Motor

The Juiced RipRacer e-bike might appear small, but it packs a considerable punch. With a peak output of 1300 watts, it surpasses many larger models, such as the Aventon Aventure or Biktrix Stunner X. This high torque translates into an exhilarating ride that demands respect and careful handling. An initial test ride proved just how vigorous this bike can be, resulting in an unexpected tumble during a spirited uphill run. This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the RipRacer’s robust capabilities and the importance of proper safety gear.

Handling and Responsiveness

RipRacer Pedal Input and Rear Hub Motor

On rugged terrain like dirt and gravel roads, the RipRacer demonstrates spirited performance, often necessitating a dial-back on the power settings to maintain control. While the bike starts with a slight delay due to the nature of the rear hub motor and cadence sensor system, it quickly responds once the power kicks in. This setup ensures a satisfying match of pedal effort to motor assistance, though a gentler approach using the twist throttle is also available for those preferring less exertion.

Race Mode: Pushing the Limits

RipRacer Race Mode

The RipRacer includes a race mode that significantly boosts power, allowing speeds over 18 mph on steep inclines and easily surpassing 25 mph on flat sections. This mode showcases the bike’s potential to outpace many competitors, although the lack of a lower gear option can limit pedaling ease at these higher speeds.

Comfort and Terrain Adaptability

Ride Comfort on Rough Trails

RipRacer - No suspension

Despite its impressive performance, the RipRacer’s lack of suspension becomes noticeable on longer rides or rough trails. Extended periods on washboard surfaces can be taxing, with considerable vibration transferred directly to the rider. While the bike is adept at navigating narrow trails and avoiding obstacles, the physical demands of such rides might be too much for some, especially without the mitigation of front shocks.

Seat and Ergonomics

RipRacer Seat

After multiple lengthy trail rides, it was apparent that while the RipRacer handles well, its stock seat could benefit from additional cushioning to enhance rider comfort during prolonged use.

Battery Life: Going the Distance

Efficient Energy Use

RipRacer - G2 52V Battery

The RipRacer’s 52-volt, 15.6 Ah battery exceeds expectations in real-world testing conditions, consistently delivering close to its maximum range estimate of 55 miles, even on challenging Vermont mountain routes. Typically, about 40 miles of ride time was achieved without conserving battery power, an impressive feat that highlights the efficiency of the RipRacer’s electric system.


Juiced RipRacer – $1,499

Juiced RipRacer – $1,499

Despite its formidable performance and robust features, the Juiced RipRacer e-bike starts at a surprisingly accessible price point, making it a standout choice among budget-conscious electric bikes designed for off-roading. Given its age on the market, prospective buyers can frequently snag this model at a significant discount, enhancing its appeal. The RipRacer not only delivers on performance, with a balanced and maneuverable design ideal for fat-tire ebike enthusiasts, but it also ensures prolonged enjoyment with its powerful motor and sizable battery. However, riders should be prepared for a more physical experience on rough terrain due to the absence of suspension.

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