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2024 Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus Review

Rad Power stands out as a leading name in the electric bike market, offering an extensive range of models tailored to various needs. Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus Electric bike, the latest in their series of commuter bikes, showcases an evolved frame design and a semi-integrated battery, delivering a sleek and modern aesthetic. This Class 2 e-bike is equipped with a robust 750W motor and a substantial 672Wh battery, positioning it as a top performer among electric bikes.

Performance and Ride Quality

Steady and Comfortable Commuter

Steady and Comfortable Commuter

The RadCity 5 Plus, although named for urban environments, exceeds expectations as a commuter bike, providing a stable and smooth ride. The bike features large, cushioning tires and high-quality front suspension, which together soften the impact of road irregularities, ensuring a forgiving ride. The bike’s length and weight contribute to its excellent stability at higher speeds.

Adjustability and Ergonomics

With a fairly tall front end and a relaxed seating position reminiscent of a beach cruiser, the RadCity 5 Plus is designed for comfort. Its adjustable stem and wide range of seat height adjustments allow riders to customize their fit. The ergonomic grips and a well-cushioned seat further enhance rider comfort, making it suitable for a broad height range of users.

Handling and Control

Handling and Control - hydraulic disk brakes

Despite its size, the RadCity 5 Plus offers predictable and relaxed handling. The bike’s 7-speed drivetrain caters well to diverse terrains, while the hydraulic disc brakes ensure powerful and reliable stopping ability. Custom 2.0-inch wide tires designed specifically for e-bikes offer puncture resistance and a smooth roll on various surfaces, adding to the bike’s versatile capabilities.

Integrated Features and Accessories

Fully-Equipped for Practicality

Rad Power does not skimp on features. The RadCity 5 Plus comes with front and rear fenders, integrated lights that enhance night visibility and safety, and a sturdy rear rack capable of carrying significant loads. Additionally, a range of optional accessories is available, including baskets, panniers, and child seats, making the bike highly adaptable for different needs.

Battery Life and Range

Impressive Longevity and Efficiency

Impressive Longevity and Efficiency

In a throttle-only range test, the RadCity 5 Plus excelled, traveling a noteworthy 30 miles with significant elevation changes, at an average speed of 16.7 mph. This performance not only highlights the efficiency of its battery but also suggests that with pedal assist, the bike’s range could extend significantly, making it ideal for lengthy commutes or recreational rides.

Power and Performance

Robust Motor for Versatile Riding

Robust Motor for Versatile Riding

The RadCity 5 Plus is a powerhouse in the e-bike market, thanks to its 750W geared hub motor. This motor not only delivers strong acceleration but also demonstrates impressive torque and hill-climbing capabilities. It easily navigates uphill challenges, maintaining a respectable speed even on steep inclines—a testament to its robust performance.

Speed and Assistance Levels

Speed assistance on any terrain

As a Class 2 e-bike, Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus electric bike is capped at a top pedal-assisted speed of 20 mph. While this may slightly impact its comparative scoring against Class 3 models, which reach speeds of 28 mph, the 20 mph cap is typically sufficient for most urban and commuting environments. This bike offers five levels of pedal assistance, enhancing the riding experience by matching the power output to the rider’s needs, whether cruising on flat terrains or tackling hills.

Smooth Power Transition

Smooth Power Transition

The assistance from the motor, governed by a cadence sensor, is consistent and independent of pedaling intensity, ensuring a steady supply of power as long as the pedals are in motion. Transitions between power levels are seamless, with the motor’s output feeling refined and well-managed throughout the ride.

Interface and User Interaction

Intuitive Controls and Displays

Intuitive Controls and Displays

The RadCity 5 Plus scores highly for its user-friendly interface, featuring ergonomically placed controls and displays that are intuitive and accessible while riding. The main control unit is positioned near the left grip, equipped with clearly labeled buttons for easy operation. This includes a prominent orange power button, light controls, and arrows for adjusting pedal assist levels.

Integrated Displays for Enhanced Visibility

Integrated Displays for Enhanced Visibility - two separate displays

The bike sports two displays: a central handlebar display showing speed, time, and odometer readings, and a smaller display integrated into the control unit that indicates pedal assist level and battery status. The integration of these displays ensures all critical information is readily visible, enhancing the riding experience.

Battery Design and Accessibility

Battery Design and Accessibility

The semi-integrated battery not only contributes to the bike’s sleek profile but is also easily removable for convenient charging, either on or off the bike. Its placement within the downtube and the protective cover over the charging port are thoughtful touches that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Assembly and Setup

Comprehensive but Manageable Assembly Process

Comprehensive but Manageable Assembly Process - RAD E-bike Box

Assembling the RadCity 5 Plus is somewhat more involved than other models but remains straightforward. The bike’s weight, at over 64 lbs, may require a second person for easier handling during unboxing and setup. The detailed instruction manual and an online assembly video provide clear guidance, making the assembly process manageable even for those without extensive bike mechanic experience.

Step-by-Step Assembly

Assembly parts and box

From unpacking to the final setup, the assembly involves attaching the handlebar, front wheel, fender, headlight, pedals, and making necessary adjustments to the seat and handlebars. While the assembly is detailed, the clear instructions and support materials ensure a smooth setup process.


Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus$1,699

Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus - $1,699

Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus Electric bike stands as a compelling option within Rad Power’s lineup, especially for those seeking a dependable e-bike for commuting or leisure. This model boasts a robust 750W motor paired with a 672Wh battery, ensuring a strong performance and an impressive range. With a sleek, updated frame and a semi-integrated battery, the bike offers a more polished look compared to earlier models. Although it is a Class 2 e-bike with a speed limit of 20 mph, this cap suffices for most urban and commuting scenarios. Considering its extensive features and solid build, the bike represents a significant value in its class.

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