Top 9 Gravel Bikes Under $1000 | Best Budget Models For 2024
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Best Gravel Bikes under $1000

Gravel biking has firmly established itself within the cycling community, appealing to those eager to traverse more than just smooth tarmac without a hefty investment. Setting a budget around $1000 places enthusiasts in a sweet spot where affordability meets the capability to tackle diverse terrains. This segment explores what one can expect from the best gravel bikes under this price point, including the frame and build quality that forms the foundation of an enjoyable ride. Typically, these bikes boast an alloy frame, balancing durability with a lighter weight than steel, making them ideal for both newcomers and seasoned cyclists seeking a secondary, reliable option.

Performance, Safety, and Design

While specialized gravel groupsets like Shimano GRX or a SRAM single-ring setup may be less common in this price range, the market still offers bikes equipped with 8, 9, or 10-speed road bike groupsets. These are perfectly adequate for lighter gravel riding, providing smooth gear transitions and a range of gears suitable for various landscapes. Disc brakes, standard on gravel bikes, offer a significant advantage for off-road safety and control, with mechanical versions predominating in this category due to their reliability and lower cost compared to hydraulic systems. Furthermore, tubeless-ready wheels and tires are significant as they reduce the risk of punctures—a common issue on rougher terrains—while allowing for lower tire pressures, which improve traction and comfort. Design and comfort are also tailored to the terrain, with options ranging from models that mimic traditional endurance road bikes with up to 35mm tire clearances, ideal for fast riding on mixed surfaces, to those resembling drop-bar mountain bikes with more relaxed geometries and up to 45mm tire clearances for more adventurous exploration. The versatility and utility of these bikes are enhanced by multiple mounting points for water bottles and bike-packing gear, making them excellent choices for both robust commuting and multi-day adventures.

Best gravel bikes under $1,000

#1 Diamondback Haanjo 2: $1,000

Diamondback Haanjo 2

Key Specs

  • Weight: Approximately 26 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: Alloy/Alloy
  • Groupset: 2×8 Shimano Claris
  • Tire Clearance: Up to 700x40c or 650x47c

Detailed Review: Modestly Equipped All-Rounder

The Diamondback Haanjo 2 serves as an entry-level option in the gravel bike segment, featuring an all-aluminum frame and fork. The bike is equipped with a 2×8 speed Shimano Claris groupset, including an Aluminum Cross Compact 46/34T crank and an 11-32T HG50 cassette. This gearing setup offers a climbing gear of 29.13 inches and a highest gear of 114.87 inches, which, while modest, is suitable for varied terrains but might limit steep climbing performance.

One notable feature is the single mounting eyelet on the fork, adding a bit of utility for light touring or bikepacking, although it may not suffice for heavy-duty excursions. The Haanjo 2 rolls on Diamondback Interval Wire Bead 700x38c tires, providing a balance of comfort and efficiency on gravel paths. The geometry of the Haanjo 2 includes a 435mm chainstay and a 69mm trail, positioning it as a versatile mid-range bike. This updated trail measurement is designed to improve handling dynamics compared to previous models, aiming for a more responsive ride without being overly sluggish. The stack/reach ratio of 1.51 indicates a relatively upright riding position, typical for gravel bikes designed for comfort over extended rides.


  • Versatile geometry strikes a balance between agility and stability.
  • Modest componentry keeps the bike accessible while providing reliable performance.
  • Sufficient tire clearance allows for versatility in tire choice to suit different riding conditions.

#2 Kona Rove: $879.20 (on offer)

Kona Rove: $879.20 (on offer)

Key Specs

  • Weight: Approximately 26 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: Alloy/Alloy
  • Groupset: 2×8 Shimano Claris
  • Tire Clearance: Max for 700 x 40mm or 650b x 47mm

Detailed Review: The Dependable All-Rounder

The Kona Rove receives notable updates making it a more appealing option in the best gravel bikes under $1000 category. This model features a full aluminum frame and fork which contributes to both its durability and lightweight nature. The bike is equipped with a 2×8 Shimano Claris groupset, including a FSA Tempo Adventure 34/50t crank and an 11-34t Shimano Claris cassette. This setup delivers a broad gear range with a climbing gear at 26.54 inches and a top gear of 120.74 inches, suitable for varied terrains.

Geometry-wise, the Kona Rove offers a stable and predictable ride with a 66 mm trail and a 435 mm chainstay, striking a balance between agility and comfort. The stack/reach ratio of 1.52 further emphasizes its design as an all-rounder, well-suited for long rides and versatile gravel paths.


  • Well-rounded geometry for both stability and responsiveness.
  • Versatile tire compatibility enhances adaptability to various trail conditions.
  • Robust groupset provides reliable performance for gravel enthusiasts.

#3 State Bicycles 4130 All-Road: $899

State Bicycles 4130 All-Road: $899

Key Specs

  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: Steel/Steel
  • Groupset: State Bicycle Co’s own 1 x 11 drivetrain
  • Tire Clearance: Up to 700×45 or 650×50

Detailed Review: Chromoly Charm on a Budget

The State Bicycles 4130 All-Road stands out for its full chromoly steel frame and fork, offering durability and a classic feel at a budget-friendly price. This model supports both 700c and 650b wheels, providing flexibility for riders to choose between slick or knobby tires depending on the terrain. The included 1 x 11 drivetrain features a 42t crank and an 11-42t cassette, geared towards reliable and straightforward shifting.

While the climbing gear of 27.19 inches may feel limited for some steep terrains, the bike’s overall design and features make it a solid choice for bikepacking and long gravel rides. The 650b x 2.1″ tires offer comfort and traction, with plenty of clearance for larger tires if needed. The bike’s aesthetic is also a highlight, with a variety of color options that give it a vibrant, appealing look.


  • High tire clearance accommodates diverse riding needs and conditions.
  • Strong and stylish steel frame ensures durability and visual appeal.
  • Competitive pricing makes this model a great entry point into gravel biking.

#4 Salsa Journeyer Flat Bar: $899

Salsa Journeyer Flat Bar: $899

Key Specs

  • Weight: Approximately 24.25 lbs (varies by model)
  • Frame/Fork Material: Alloy/Carbon
  • Groupset: Available in 1×8 microSHIFT Acolyte or 2×9 Altus, Acera
  • Tire Clearance: 650b x 47 or 700c x 38, with clearance for up to 700c x 56mm or 650b x 58mm

Detailed Review: The Versatile Wayfarer

The Salsa Journeyer Flat Bar evolves from the acclaimed Journeyman, branded as a robust all-road adventure machine and as one of the best gravel bikes under $1,000. It’s engineered to handle both gravel and road escapades efficiently. At its entry price point, the Journeyer offers remarkable versatility with configurations in both 650b and 700c wheel options. The bike’s frame design hints at a progressive mountain bike influence, yet maintains an upright posture ensuring comfort during extended rides.

Equipped with either a 1×8 microSHIFT Acolyte setup with a 25.21” to 88.36” gear range or a 2×9 Altus, Acera drivetrain that provides a broader 23.35” to 110.92” range, it caters to various riding styles and demands. The Fantail carbon fork not only lightens the ride but also adds to the bike’s overall responsive handling, especially on descents.


  • Progressive geometry enhances stability and comfort.
  • Versatile tire and wheel size options adapt to diverse terrains.
  • Competitive pricing makes it an accessible choice for adventurers.

#5 Marin DSX 1 (2024): $999

Marin DSX 1 (2024): $999

Key Specs

  • Weight: Estimated at 30.86 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: Series 3 Aluminum/Carbon
  • Groupset: Shimano Deore 1×11
  • Tire Clearance: 700Cx45mm, up to 29×2.1”

Detailed Review: A Sturdy and Responsive Trail Companion

The Marin DSX 1 represents an excellent blend of innovation and practicality for gravel and mixed-terrain cycling. This 2024 model boasts a Series 3 aluminum frame with bolt-thru axles enhancing its robustness and a carbon fork which not only trims down its weight but also improves handling and adds mounting options—ideal for bikepacking enthusiasts.

Noteworthy is the upgraded 11-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain that comes with a 42T Steel Narrow Wide Chainring and an 11-51T cassette, offering a gear range of 22.99″ to 107.08″, suitable for various climbing challenges and speed needs. Additionally, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power across all conditions, while the WTB Riddler tires provide excellent grip and comfort.


  • Enhanced frame and fork materials improve durability and ride quality.
  • Extensive gear range caters to diverse cycling demands.
  • Effective price point considering the upgrades, providing significant value.

#6 Poseidon X: $649.99 – $749.99

Poseidon X: $649.99 - $749.99

Key Specs

  • Price: $649.99 (flat bar) and $749.99 (drop bar)
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: 6061 Aluminum/Carbon
  • Groupset: MicroSHIFT Advent X 1×10
  • Tire Clearance: 700x40c or 650b x 1.9″

Detailed Review: Climbing Champ with a Versatile Frame

The Poseidon X sets itself apart with an impressive climbing capability thanks to its MicroSHIFT Advent X 1×10 groupset, featuring a 38T narrow wide chainring paired with an 11-48T cassette. This setup achieves a gear ratio of 0.79 : 3.45, making it a standout for steep ascents. Its original frame design coupled with a full carbon fork ensures responsiveness and stability, crucial for diverse gravel adventures.

The bike’s tire versatility is also a highlight, coming equipped with Kenda Small Block 700×35 tires and providing clearance for up to 700×40c or 650b x 1.9″ tires, making it adaptable to various trail conditions. Additionally, the frame includes mounting options on the fork, enhancing its utility for longer rides or light bikepacking.


  • Superior climbing gears allow for tackling challenging terrains with ease.
  • Responsive frame with carbon fork enhances handling and comfort.
  • Attractive price point thanks to being the cheapest gravel bikes under 1000 in our list; thus, the most budget-friendly model for serious gravel riders.

#7 Kona Dew Plus: $829

Kona Dew Plus: $829

Key Specs

  • Weight: 27.55 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: Kona 6061 Aluminum Butted
  • Groupset: Shimano Deore 1×10
  • Tire Clearance: Up to 650b x 55mm

Detailed Review: Urban Commuter with a Gravel Twist

Although primarily categorized as a commuter, the Kona Dew Plus admirably fits into the gravel bike scene, especially for urban riders. This bike is powered by a Shimano Deore 1×10 drivetrain, including a 36T crank and an 11-46T cassette, offering a gear range of 20.70″ to 86.77″. This gearing is apt for city commutes and capable of handling light gravel paths.

The Kona Project Two Aluminum Disc fork complements the aluminum frame, providing a sturdy yet comfortable ride. The bike’s geometry, with a stack/reach ratio of 1.43 and a wheelbase of 1116mm, is optimized for stability and control, which is ideal for navigating through urban environments or relaxed weekend rides. With tire clearance up to 650b x 55mm, it also offers flexibility for different riding surfaces and conditions.


  • Versatile tire clearance supports both urban commuting and casual gravel riding.
  • Robust frame and fork designed for durability and comfort across multiple surfaces.
  • Value-focused pricing underlines Kona’s commitment to quality at an accessible price.

#8 Marin Nicasio: $899 – $1,099

Marin Nicasio+: $1,099

Key Specs

  • Price: starting from $899 ($1,099 for Nicasio+)
  • Weight: 28.44 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: Steel/Steel
  • Groupset: Microshift 1×9 Speed Drivetrain
  • Tire Clearance: 650b x 47c

Detailed Review: A Gravel Grinder on a Budget

The Marin Nicasio stands out in the sub-$1000 gravel bike category, merging the traditional charm of a steel frame with modern cycling needs. Its Series 1 butted 4130 CrMo steel frame is known for resilience and a comfortable, springy ride, making it a reliable choice for varied terrains and lengthy rides. The geometry specifically crafted for beyond-road riding balances endurance road handling with off-pavement stability, enhancing its versatility.

Equipped with disc brakes for consistent stopping power and a Microshift 1×9 Speed Drivetrain, the Nicasio handles diverse terrains smoothly, making it ideal for gear-laden journeys or comfortable day-long adventures. The 650b wheels are apt for a smoother ride over rough surfaces, supported by a generous tire clearance that accommodates up to 47mm tires.


  • Durability of the steel frame ensures longevity and resilience against dings.
  • Beyond Road Geometry provides a stable ride off the beaten path.
  • Affordable pricing makes this model accessible for beginners and budget-conscious riders.

#9 Poseidon Redwood: $849.99

Poseidon Redwood: $849.99

Key Specs

  • Weight: 29.1 lbs
  • Frame/Fork Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Groupset: MicroSHIFT Advent X 1×10
  • Tire Clearance: Up to 2.5″ (possibly 2.8″)

Detailed Review: Ready for Adventure

The Poseidon Redwood takes adventure cycling to a new level within an attractive price range. Building on the successful Poseidon X geometry, the Redwood enhances its capabilities to handle rugged gravel paths, thanks to its 6061 Double Butted Hydroformed Aluminum frame and a similarly robust aluminum fork. The frame is designed to support 27.5-inch wheels with substantial clearance for up to 2.5-inch tires, arguably some of the largest in the category, providing excellent vibration absorption and comfort on uneven trails.

Powering through terrains is made efficient with a 1 x 10 Advent X groupset, featuring a Prowheel 38t Narrow Wide Crank and a Microshift 11-48T Advent X cassette. This setup delivers a broad range of gears, making climbs and speedy flats equally manageable. The bike’s geometry and Poseidon Adventure Bars with 24 Degree Flare add an extra layer of comfort, making long rides more enjoyable.


  • Exceptional tire clearance offers versatility in trail choices.
  • Adventure-ready geometry with robust gearing options for challenging terrains among the best gravel bikes under $1000.
  • Competitive pricing positions it as a top contender for budget-conscious adventurers.

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