Best Propella Electric Bikes 2024: Top Models Reviewed
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Best Propella Electric Bikes 2024: Top Models Reviewed

In 2024, Propella remains at the forefront of the electric bike industry, consistently delivering models that are stylish, efficient, and tailored for urban commuting. This guide highlights the best Propella electric bikes of the year, each carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of city riders and eco-conscious commuters. Whether you’re seeking cutting-edge features or unmatched value, Propella’s latest offerings are sure to impress.

Best Propella Electric Bikes 2024

#1 Propella MINI: A Nimble Urban Commuter

In the bustling urban environments where space is a premium and convenience is king, the Propella Mini emerges as a compelling contender. Designed as a compact and lightweight commuter bike, the Mini promises ease of storage and transport, ideal for those dwelling in smaller apartments or who regularly commute with their bike. Let’s delve into how this e-bike stands up to urban challenges and whether it delivers on its promises.

Key Specifications and First Impressions

The Mini is undeniably a featherweight in the e-bike world, tipping the scales at just 35 lbs and 5 oz. It’s one of the lightest e-bikes we’ve tested, making it a breeze to carry up flights of stairs or load into a vehicle. Powered by a 250W motor, it reaches a top pedal-assisted speed of 18 mph, which is ample for city jaunts, and it is equipped with a 250 Wh battery that provides a decent range for its size.

Propella claims the Mini is perfect for “riders seeking to store or transport a bike in smaller living spaces or vehicles,” and this is a point well taken. Its compact form factor does indeed make it less cumbersome than many of its rivals.

Riding Experience

Performance on the Road:

The Mini’s agility is noticeable from the get-go. Its 20-inch wheels contribute to a ride that’s nimble and responsive, ideal for weaving through traffic or dodging obstacles on crowded city streets. However, this agility comes with a trade-off in stability. At higher speeds, the bike feels less sure-footed compared to models with larger wheels, a point that became apparent during our test rides. The bike maintains a comfortable feel up to its maximum speed of 18 mph but feels a touch nervous as you push the pace.

Handling and Comfort:

The Mini’s handling is quick, suited to the urban environment where quick maneuvers are often necessary. However, it doesn’t provide the same level of confidence or smoothness on uneven terrain as bikes with larger wheels. The mechanical disc brakes and single-speed drivetrain keep things simple and are effective for the bike’s intended urban use. Regarding comfort, the Mini offers a fairly large range of fit despite its compact dimensions. It accommodates riders from 5’2″ to 5’10” comfortably, with our 6’0″ tester finding the upper limit acceptable but not ideal.

Ease of Use:

Boldly, the Mini shines when it comes to practical urban applications. It’s incredibly easy to lift and carry, which is a massive advantage for those living in multi-story buildings without elevators. Its light weight and compact size also make it easier to store in tight spaces—a significant plus for apartment dwellers.

#2 Propella 9S PRO

As urban commuting continues to evolve, the Propella Electric Bike emerges as a leading candidate in the “Best Propella Electric Bikes 2024” lineup, thanks to its smart integration of efficiency, performance, and sleek design. Aimed at the modern commuter and leisure rider, this bike combines essential utility features with a stylish aesthetic.

Design and Build

The bike showcases a streamlined, clean design characterized by internally routed cables and all-black hardware, which not only looks sharp but also protects against the elements and reduces maintenance. The frame is designed to accommodate gravel tires and fenders, along with mounting points for a rear rack and folding lock, enhancing its versatility for both urban environments and occasional off-road use.

Comfort and Ride Quality

Despite having a rigid aluminum alloy frame and fork, the bike is designed for comfort. It’s equipped with 27.5″ x 2.0″ tires that absorb much of the road’s harshness, combined with a raised stem and riser-style handlebar for a more relaxed riding posture. The custom saddle and locking ergonomic grips further enhance rider comfort, making it suitable for longer rides. An optional suspension seat post is available for those who anticipate regularly encountering uneven terrains, providing an even smoother experience.

Performance Features

This model stands out with a 350-watt internally geared hub motor, more robust than the 250-watt versions in other models, offering a noticeable boost in power. It operates smoothly and quietly, with a sealed high-resolution cadence sensor that responds promptly to rider input. Additionally, the bike includes 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring strong stopping power and safety, complete with motor-inhibiting reach-adjustable levers that contribute to a controlled ride.

Practical Considerations

The bike is sold directly online and requires minimal assembly, including attaching the front wheel, handlebar, saddle, and pedals. It’s available in only one color scheme and one frame size, focusing on a high-step frame style to keep production simple and costs low. While this may limit options for personalization, it helps maintain an attractive price point. The key port for the battery is somewhat awkwardly placed near the left crank arm, which could be a minor nuisance, though the high-mounted charging port is a thoughtful touch.

#3 Propella 3.0 7-Speed

The heart of the Propella 3.0 is its 250 watt Bafang rear hub-motor, which is known for reliability. The motor is activated by a 12 magnet cadence sensor that accurately detects pedal movement, ensuring that the motor assistance kicks in smoothly. I appreciate that the cadence sensor is sealed, protecting it from dirt and debris—a thoughtful touch showing Propella’s commitment to durability.

Drivetrain and Braking System

The bike uses a 7-speed Shimano Altus system, which provides a good range of gears for city riding, from quick acceleration at stoplights to maintaining speed on open roads. The gearing is complemented by a 46-tooth chainring and a 14-28 tooth cassette, offering versatility for various riding conditions.

For stopping power, the Propella 3.0 employs Shimano Tourney TX mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors. While these brakes are mechanically simpler and easier to maintain than hydraulic options, they do require a bit more effort to achieve the same stopping power. Nevertheless, they are quite capable for the urban cycling this bike is intended for.

Battery and Charging

The propulsion is supported by a 36v 7ah lithium-ion battery featuring reliable Samsung cells. This year’s model sees an upgrade in the battery casing, which now includes a touch-sensitive LED readout for easy monitoring of the battery level—a sleek and useful feature. The mounting system has also been revised for easier and more secure attachment.

Charging is straightforward with the included 2amp portable charger, though the charging port’s placement near the crank arm calls for some caution to avoid entanglement with the pedals.

Control Center and Display

The fixed, backlit LCD display is basic but functional, offering all necessary ride metrics like battery status, pedal assist level, speed, and distance traveled. The separate control pad near the left grip enhances usability, allowing riders to adjust settings without removing their hands from the handlebars. While the display lacks some advanced features like USB charging, it serves the essential functions well.

Riding Experience and Comfort

Riding the Propella 3.0 is a delight in terms of agility and responsiveness. The bike feels light and nimble, making it enjoyable to navigate through city streets. However, the trade-off for its sporty design is in comfort. The rigid fork, flat grips, and active saddle do not absorb bumps as well as more comfort-oriented bikes, making it less suitable for longer rides. Additionally, the smaller battery capacity reflects the bike’s intended use for shorter trips rather than extended journeys.

#4 Propella 2.2 7-Speed

Propella’s latest urban electric bike is a prime example of how minimalist design can meet the practical demands of city commuting. With its stylish matte black frame and anodized blue accents, this bike isn’t just about looks; it’s built to perform. It’s an efficient, lightweight, and affordable option for those navigating the urban landscape.

Design and Aesthetics

Eye-Catching Details: The bike features deep dish rims and reflective tires that not only enhance its visual appeal but also improve visibility during night rides, adding a layer of safety for urban cyclists. The overall design maintains a clean and streamlined look, which is characteristic of Propella’s approach to bike design.

Motor and Battery

Efficient Power: The Propella is equipped with a minimalist 250-watt Bafang planetary geared hub motor. It’s discreet yet powerful enough to handle city commutes with ease. The 244 watt-hour lithium-ion battery is cleverly designed to resemble a water bottle, fitting snugly on the frame and maintaining the bike’s sleek profile.

Performance and Handling

Speed and Agility: The bike’s maximum assisted speed of approximately 16.5 mph is ideal for urban environments, striking a balance between speed and safety. It weighs in at just 37.6 lbs, making it one of the lighter e-bikes on the market, which contributes to its nimble handling. The use of a 14 amp pure sine wave controller ensures that the ride is not only efficient but also exceptionally quiet.

Comfort Enhancements: While the bike sports a compact frame, it doesn’t skimp on comfort. The inclusion of slightly larger 32c tires and a raised stem provides a more comfortable ride over varied urban terrains. These small tweaks make a significant difference in overall ride quality, especially on longer commutes.

Features and Extras

Practical Touches: This model includes mounting points for fenders and a rear rack, as well as a bottle cage below the downtube, adding to its utility as a commuter bike. Both brake levers are equipped with motor inhibitors, enhancing safety by cutting power to the motor while braking.

#5 Propella V2.0

Propella V2.0

The bike’s matte black finish with anodized blue accents catches the eye immediately. Its design is not only functional but also fashionable, ensuring that it turns heads while cruising through the streets. The integrated bottle-battery, designed to mimic the appearance of a water bottle, adds to its streamlined look, maintaining the aesthetic without sacrificing performance.

Lightweight Framework: With a total weight of around 34 lbs, this bike is easy to carry upstairs or load into a car, making it a practical choice for urban dwellers who may face spatial constraints.

Performance Insights

Efficient Motorization: Equipped with a 250-watt Bafang hub motor, the bike provides ample power for city rides, reaching speeds up to 16 mph. This makes it not only efficient but also energetically capable of keeping up with the fast pace of city life.

Smooth Power Transition: Thanks to the pure sine wave controller, power delivery is smooth, making rides feel more fluid and less jerky. This feature is particularly useful in urban environments where frequent stops and starts are common.

Practical Features

Single-Speed Convenience: The single-speed drivetrain on the bike simplifies the riding experience. Without the need to shift gears, riders can focus more on the journey and less on the mechanics of biking, which is ideal for bustling city traffic.

Enhanced Safety: The inclusion of Shimano disc brakes ensures reliable stopping power in all weather conditions, enhancing safety for urban riders.

Optional Enhancements

Aero Wheel Upgrade: An optional carbon fiber front aero wheel is available for those looking to enhance the bike’s aerodynamics and aesthetic. While this upgrade can increase the bike’s visual appeal and speed, it is important to note that it may affect handling on windy days.


Value for Money: Priced at just under $1,200, the Propella 2.0 offers significant value, especially considering the high-quality components like Shimano brakes and Bafang motor.

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