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2024 Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus Review

Rad Power holds the distinction of being North America’s largest electric bike brand. While dominant in its home region, its global presence isn’t as pronounced when compared to more seasoned utility bike manufacturers like Tern, Benno, and Cube. These brands are recognized for their comprehensive range of utility-focused bicycles that cater extensively to diverse practical needs. However, Rad Power distinguishes itself with a strategy centered on affordability and a broad selection of customizable accessories, making its offerings particularly appealing for urban riders.

Refined Style

Key Frame Features and Design

Key Frame Features and Design

The Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus e-bike is engineered around a 20-inch wheelbase featuring a low step-through frame, paralleling designs seen in models like Tern’s Quick Haul and Benno Bikes’ Remi Demi. Despite these similarities, the RadRunner stands out due to its affordable positioning. The craftsmanship of the frame is robust, characterized by solid and uniform welds and ample mounting points for a variety of accessories. The bike’s rear rack can support an impressive load of 54kg, indicating a substantial carrying capacity.

The frame’s architecture promotes ease of access with its super-low step-through design, facilitating easy mounting and dismounting, even when the bike is heavily loaded. The unique angling of the seat tube enhances comfort by providing a proportional increase in the distance to the handlebars as the seat rises, accommodating riders of various heights comfortably.

Build and Specifications

The RadRunner 3 Plus comes well-equipped with integrated front and rear lights powered by the bike’s battery and controlled from a handlebar-mounted remote. It features sturdy alloy full mudguards that maintain silence over rough terrains, ergonomic grips, and a broad saddle designed for extended comfort, although its shape may be unfamiliar to some riders.

One of the standout features is the bike’s braking system, which includes hydraulic disc brakes with large rotors for effective stopping power, crucial for handling the bike’s substantial weight, especially downhill. The safety is further enhanced by a motor cut-off feature activated by the brakes. Moreover, the gearing system provided by Shimano includes a 7-speed configuration suitable for urban environments. The large RST suspension fork with 60mm of travel effectively absorbs road imperfections without excessive diving or noise, contributing to a smooth and controlled ride. The rear rack’s design accommodates standard panniers securely, addressing common issues with rack designs on similar models.

Quality Tires


The RadRunner uses 20-inch Kenda tires that are wide and reinforced for durability and puncture resistance, offering a balance between comfort and stability under load. Although not the fastest, these tires provide a reliable performance across urban settings.

Motor Assistance and Performance

Powertrain and Battery Specifications

Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus e-bike is equipped with a 250-watt rear-hub motor, which draws energy from a robust 672Wh battery. The full charge cycle for the battery is approximately 6 hours and 10 minutes, a reasonable timeframe given the capacity. The motor’s versatility is enhanced by five adjustable levels of power assist, tailored to various riding needs and conditions.

Dynamic Power Assist Levels

The first level of power assist is notably subtle, offering just a slight boost, making it ideal for energy conservation on flat terrains. In contrast, the fifth level provides a significant increase in torque and acceleration, proving invaluable for quick starts or climbing hills, especially under load. The ability to toggle through the assist levels effectively adds another layer of gear-like functionality, optimizing the bike’s performance across different riding scenarios.

Usage Secrets

Usage Secrets

Deploying the half-grip sized throttle can give a beneficial push from a standstill or at the start of an incline, which is particularly helpful when transporting cargo. For everyday riding, sticking to mid-range power levels (two or three) strikes a balance between assistance and battery conservation. On level terrains with minimal load, dropping down to level one can extend the battery’s endurance significantly.

Range and Efficiency


Rad Power advertises a range of 25 to 45 miles per charge, which can be expected to vary based on terrain, rider input, and load. Testing under real-world conditions, such as regular shopping trips and errands, yielded a distance of approximately 29.35 miles with significant elevation change, and up to 37.5 miles on flatter, unladen rides. While the motor struggles somewhat on steep inclines due to the load, it performs admirably on gentler slopes and flat surfaces.

Ride Impressions

Riding Dynamics


The RadRunner 3 Plus delivers a controlled and sedate riding experience. Unlike some other similar models, it does not exhibit any abrupt power surges; instead, RadRunner 3 Plus maintains a smooth acceleration that aligns seamlessly with the rider’s pedaling efforts. The bike’s dimensions, while on the longer side, do not detract from its maneuverability in urban settings. The steering remains steady and well-balanced, contributing to a comfortable and predictable ride.

Utility and Stability Feature

Given its generous rack size, the RadRunner is versatile enough to accommodate additional seating arrangements such as a child seat or a passenger bench, enhancing its utility as a family or cargo bike. The rear-mounted kickstand provides stability when parked, though care is needed when loading the bike to prevent tipping. A central, motorbike-style dual stand would be a preferable alternative for enhancing stability, especially when the bike is used with a child seat.


Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus – $2,099

Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus - $2,099

The RadRunner 3 Plus e-bike stands out as a highly practical and economical option in the realm of urban electric bikes. Its thoughtful design accommodates a wide range of users, making it a versatile choice for different kinds of riders. Compared to competitors such as Tern and Benno, this model offers significant cost savings without compromising on quality or functionality. While it may face challenges on steep inclines and could benefit from an upgraded kickstand for enhanced stability, the overall value provided by the RadRunner 3 Plus makes it a compelling purchase in the e-bike market.

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