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2024 Electra Loft Go 7D EQ Review

The Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ offers a sleek, minimalist design that cleverly conceals its electronic components, making it almost indistinguishable from a non-electric bike at first glance. This feature is especially beneficial in urban environments where e-bike theft might be a concern. The bike’s aesthetic is clean and modern, with the battery and hub motor integrated so subtly that they barely make a visual impact. This design philosophy extends to the compact controller, which is unobtrusive and maintains the bike’s streamlined look.

Ready to Ride: The Convenience of a Fully Assembled Bike

One of the biggest advantages of the Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ is the convenience factor. Unlike many direct-to-consumer options, Electra’s model is available through physical stores like Trek. This means you can test the bike and ride it home fully assembled, eliminating the hassle and potential mishaps of home assembly. This is particularly appealing for those who value immediate gratification and expert setup, especially when it comes to complex components like disc brakes and integrated lighting systems.

Performance and Practicality

While the Loft Go! 7D EQ isn’t built for speed, it excels in comfortable and relaxed cruising, ideal for laid-back city travel and leisurely rides. The 250-watt rear hub motor provides a smooth boost up to the bike’s 20 mph limit, making it suitable for everyday urban commuting without breaking a sweat. The bike’s overall weight at 37.6 pounds for the large model is relatively light for an e-bike, which is an added bonus for those who may need to carry it upstairs.

Charging and Storage Considerations

A minor drawback is the non-removable battery, which requires bringing the entire bike near a power outlet for charging. Although the integrated battery enhances the bike’s sleek look, it could pose an inconvenience compared to models with removable batteries, especially for city dwellers without easy access to charging stations in parking areas or garages.

Balanced Comfort and Utility: Riding the Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ

Balanced Comfort and Utility: Riding the Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ

The Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ is designed for casual city riders and those looking for a light exercise companion. Its ride is a fine balance between the aggressive stance of a road bike and the laid-back posture of a cruiser. The 250W motor, capable of reaching speeds up to 20 mph, alongside a seven-speed rear cassette, offers versatility in speed adjustment and ease of handling, especially in city landscapes like Chicago’s paved trails. This setup not only aids in comfortable cruising but also ensures that you still get a good leg workout, especially on longer rides or when facing a hill.

What Could Be Better: Component Quality and Value

While the Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ hits many high notes, it’s not without its downsides, especially when it comes to the components used. The bike is equipped with basic mechanical disc brakes, which, compared to the hydraulic brakes found on many cheaper direct-to-consumer bikes, feel less responsive and more cumbersome to maintain. The lack of automatic motor cutoff integrated into the brake system is another miss, potentially making braking feel less intuitive in dynamic riding situations.

The Shimano Tourney gears and budget Microshift shifter do the job for casual riding but don’t offer the refinement expected at this price point. Similarly, the electronic controls are minimalist to a fault, featuring a basic LED display that lacks common functionalities like a speedometer or odometer, which could enhance the riding experience.

Electra Loft Go 7D EQ Price

Priced at around $2,000, the Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ is positioned at the lower end of the e-bike market spectrum. However, when compared to the increasingly competitive direct-to-consumer models, which often boast better specifications and lower prices, the Loft Go! might seem overpriced. The appeal of purchasing from a legacy brand like Electra, with the added benefits of dealer support and professional assembly, does justify the premium to some extent. However, for budget-conscious buyers or those who prioritize high-tech features and the best possible components for their money, there might be more compelling options available in the market.

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