Async A1 Pro Review 2024: A High-Performance All-Terrain
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Async A1 Pro Review 2024: Standing Out in the Crowd

The first thing that catches your eye with the Async A1 Pro is its distinctive design. With a frame that deviates from traditional e-bike aesthetics, it’s a head-turner for sure. Boldly styled like an elongated mailbox on wheels, this bike’s aluminum frame isn’t just about turning heads; it incorporates significant functional benefits. The structure not only supports the bike’s components securely but cleverly integrates the battery and control unit within the vertical section of the frame. This part, highlighted with eye-catching Async arrow graphics, not only adds to its visual appeal but also plays a crucial role in housing the A1 Pro’s mono-shock.

Color and Presentation

When it comes to colors, the A1 Pro offers choices that complement its futuristic design. The two-tone silver and black or silver and orange options ensure that there’s something for everyone. For this review, the silver and orange variant was sent over by Async, and it does stand out, especially with the permanent arrow graphics that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but certainly underscore the bike’s unique personality.

Performance and Comfort

Moving beyond its appearance, the A1 Pro shines in terms of performance. It is equipped with a high-power motor and an immense battery capacity, setting it apart from many competitors by offering a longer range per charge. Despite its unconventional look, the ride quality is surprisingly comfortable. This is a machine built for all terrains, ready to tackle both city streets and rugged paths with equal prowess.

Power and Performance of the Async A1 Pro E-Bike

Robust Powertrain

The Async A1 Pro doesn’t just boast an eye-catching design; it’s a powerhouse of performance, especially designed for all-terrain use. At its core lies a rear hub motor delivering 1,200 watts of continuous power and an impressive 2,500 watts of peak power. This setup provides a stout 100 Newton meters of torque, more than sufficient for speedy acceleration and conquering steep inclines or challenging terrains with ease. In its class 3 mode, which is the fastest street-legal setting, the bike swiftly reaches and maintains speeds of up to 28 mph. However, for those who crave more thrill and have the space to explore safely, the off-road mode pushes the A1 Pro to speeds between 34 and 35 mph on flat private roads.

Battery Life and Charging

The heart of any electric vehicle is its battery, and the A1 Pro excels with a 48-volt 40AH lithium-ion battery boasting a substantial 1,920 watt-hours of power capacity. This massive energy reserve offers a range of 50 to 88 miles on throttle mode alone, depending on terrain and usage patterns. Charging this behemoth from zero to full capacity takes between eight to ten hours using the included 5-amp charger. Conveniently, the battery can be charged either while installed in the bike or separately, thanks to an easy removal process involving a key-activated drop-down tail and brake light system. Be mindful, though, the battery’s 20-pound weight might be cumbersome for some.

Durability and Weather Resistance

One aspect where the A1 Pro truly shines is its resilience against environmental challenges. With an IPX7 rating, this e-bike’s battery is protected against water immersion up to three feet deep for about 30 minutes, making it an excellent choice for riders who might face wet conditions.

Riding Experience

Beyond the specifications, what truly sets the A1 Pro apart is how these elements combine to offer an exhilarating and reliable riding experience. Whether zipping through urban environments or tackling off-road adventures, this e-bike handles with confidence and agility. The robust motor and capacious battery ensure that your ride is not just about style, but also about substantial performance and versatility.

Handling and Comfort Insights: Async A1 Pro E-Bike

Simplified Control System

The Async A1 Pro’s handling system simplifies the riding experience, eliminating the usual complexity associated with multiple gears. It operates as a single-speed e-bike featuring a carbon drive belt instead of a conventional chain, which makes for a quieter, cleaner, and more durable ride. The bike’s control system is straightforward, with “+” and “-” buttons on the handlebar allowing riders to switch between e-bike classes effortlessly:

  • Class 1: Up to 20 mph, pedaling only.
  • Class 2: 20 mph maximum, with the option to use pedaling or throttle.
  • Class 3: Maximum of 28 mph pedaling, 20 mph with throttle. There’s also an option to engage off-road mode for those looking to push the bike’s limits on private tracks or rugged terrains.

Braking and Weight

Given its weight of 123 pounds—about twice that of an average e-bike—the A1 Pro’s braking system needs to be robust. It is well-equipped with four-piston hydraulic brakes and 203mm disc rotors to ensure reliable stopping power, vital for both safety and performance, especially at higher speeds and in emergency situations.

Ride Comfort and Suspension

Despite its hefty build and the initial impression that its integrated frame and seat might offer a rigid ride, the A1 Pro surprises with considerable comfort. The seat is crafted with a leather-like material and underlaid with 1.8 inches of comfy foam, although it’s not as long as some competing models like those in the Super73-S Adventure Series. Further enhancing the ride quality are dual air shocks at the front and a coil-over mono-shock in the vertical column under the seat. These features work together to smooth out bumps and provide a plush ride experience.

Tire Design and Stability

The bike’s 20-inch by 4-inch wide fat tires play a significant role in its stable and grippy ride. These tires are not just about aesthetic appeal; their wide footprint and flexible sidewalls contribute significantly to stability and comfort, making it easier to handle the bike across various terrains.

Advanced Display and Connectivity

The A1 Pro boasts a 5.5-inch full-color display that is easy to read and offers all necessary information at a glance, including speed, date and time, battery level, and distance traveled. The inclusion of Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G connectivity enhances its functionality, allowing integration with the Async app for features like remote locking and control, a “Find My Bike” function, and navigation aids.

Photographic Representation

The provided images of the Async A1 Pro—whether it’s the right profile shot on bare ground or the direct view from the front parked on a hill—clearly highlight its robust and rugged design, ready for any adventure.

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