2024 Ride1up Revv 1 Review
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2024 Ride1up Revv 1 Review

The Ride1Up Revv 1 electric bike captures the eye with its robust, motorcycle-esque aesthetics and promises an exhilarating riding experience. As I embarked on the review, the bike’s visual appeal and distinct features were immediately noticeable.

Performance and Ride Quality

From the first glance, the Revv 1 evokes a sense of adventure. The design is reminiscent of a small motorcycle, bolstered by the mag wheels and a long, cushioned “loaf of bread” style seat that invites comfort and extended rides. The bike’s short wheelbase contributes to a sporty demeanor, though the significant 84 lb weight does impact its agility.

Riding the Revv 1 is an experience closer to cruising on a motorbike rather than pedaling a bicycle. The single gear and small 127mm crank arms, coupled with the bike’s hefty weight, make pedaling a laborious task, indicating that this bike is not designed for pedal-heavy outings. However, the mechanical drivetrain and cadence sensor efficiently kick in the motor assistance, making rides enjoyable without requiring much pedaling effort.

Handling and Components

Handling and Components

The build quality of the Revv 1 is commendable with well-chosen components that enhance its durability and functionality. The 120mm rise handlebars and 100mm travel suspension fork ensure a comfortable riding posture and smooth handling across varied terrains. The 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 200mm rotors are particularly impressive, providing reliable stopping power necessary for a heavy bike.

Despite the short crank arms that limit pedaling power, they cleverly keep the rider’s feet high enough to avoid obstacles. The heavy mag wheels, while slowing steering response, add a stable and confident feel at higher speeds. The 4-inch wide tires are versatile across conditions such as dirt, mud, snow, and sand, never compromising on grip or shock absorption.

Lighting and Accessories

Ride1up Revv 1 e-bike is equipped with a practical set of lights, including a headlight and a tail light with a brake light feature, enhancing safety for night riding. However, the headlight placement on the hardtail model could be improved as it does not adjust with the steering, which limits visibility. Full-coverage fenders and a robust kickstand add to the bike’s utility, making it equipped for all-weather rides.

Battery and Range


The Revv 1 shines with its 780Wh battery, cleverly integrated into the frame akin to a motorcycle’s gas tank. The range test results were impressive, with the bike managing 30.8 miles on varied terrain and elevations at an average speed of 15.2 mph without any pedaling. Ride1Up’s claim of a 30-60 mile range seems accurate, though achieving the upper limit would require considerable pedaling, especially on flat terrains.

Power and Performance Modes

Power and motor

The Revv 1 is initially configured as a Class-2 e-bike, with the power of the hub motor capped to deliver a maximum throttle speed of 20 mph. Given the bike’s hefty build and pedal efficiency limitations, this speed is typically the maximum achievable on flat ground, aligning well with its stable and enjoyable ride quality. However, for those seeking more zest, the Revv 1 offers an upgrade.

Switching the bike to Class-3 mode increases the pedal assist capability to 28 mph, which is achievable on inclines but doesn’t significantly affect the experience at lower speeds due to the throttle still being restricted to 20 mph. The transition between these modes is smooth, with the higher speeds feeling perfectly manageable on the tested roads and terrains.

off-road mode

For the adrenaline seekers, the off-road mode unlocks the bike’s full potential but requires registration and a waiver acknowledgment due to the significant increase in power. This mode not only pushes the pedal assist and throttle speeds over 28 mph but also enhances the overall riding excitement, particularly in off-road conditions. The bike’s performance in off-road mode was impressive, achieving speeds up to 46 mph on a closed course, turning it into a sporty, powerful ride that’s more akin to a dirt bike than a traditional bicycle.

User Interface and Controls

The user interface of the Ride1up Revv 1 E-bike is thoughtfully designed for ease of use and quick information access. The display boasts a two-tone color scheme and central positioning on the handlebars, allowing for effortless speed monitoring and battery status checks. The display shows vital metrics such as PAS level, average speed, and trip distance, with intuitive controls for the throttle and pedal assist settings positioned within easy reach.

The control setup is straightforward, with +/– buttons for PAS adjustment and a main power button discreetly located on the side of the battery. Although there’s an M button with a Bluetooth icon, current models lack connectivity features, which might be a minor downside for tech-savvy users.

Assembly and Setup

Ride1Up ensures a near-complete assembly of the Revv 1 upon delivery, making the setup process exceptionally user-friendly. The bike arrives mostly assembled with all necessary tools and instructions included. Only minimal steps such as attaching the handlebars, pedals, and headlight, inflating the tires, and charging the battery are required to get started. An accompanying step-by-step video further aids in assembly, making it accessible even for those new to e-bike setups.


Ride1up Revv 1 E-bike$1,795

Ride1up Revv 1 E-bike

At a price of $1,795.00, the Revv 1 stands out in the e-bike market. Considering the versatility—from everyday commutes and running errands to joy-riding and exploring on varied terrains—this bike packs a serious punch. It’s built for thrill-seekers and practical riders alike, offering high-end specs that Ride1Up manages to deliver at a value that’s hard to match. Whether it’s the daily ride to work or a weekend trail exploration, the Revv 1 promises peak performance without breaking the bank.

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