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Best Sport Bikes 2024

Sportbikes represent the pinnacle of motorcycle performance, combining speed, agility, and power in a package that’s almost unrivaled in the motorcycling world. Known for their ability to handle sharply and accelerate briskly, sportbikes are tailor-made for those who thrive on the adrenaline of on-road racing or the sheer joy of sweeping through mountain bends.

Sport Bikes Unleashed: Embrace the Rush of the Ride

Lifestyle and Usability

While many envision these machines strictly as weekend warriors or track-day enthusiasts’ choice, quite a few riders adopt sportbikes as their daily commuters. These motorcycles blend into everyday life, taking riders to work during the week and transforming into exhilarating companions on weekend road trips. However, it’s worth noting the ride position might not suit everyone. Sportbike ergonomics promote a forward-leaning stance — great for aerodynamics and speed, less so for comfort in urban crawl.

Rider Position and Comfort

Sportbikes demand a specific riding posture: crouched over the tank, with feet positioned high on the rearsets and hands gripping the low-set clip-ons. This position is ideal for minimizing wind resistance and maximizing control at high speeds, especially useful when zipping down straights in full tuck. Yet, this setup can be challenging during regular city rides, where frequent stops are the norm.

Safety and Gear

Given the high-performance nature of sportbikes, gearing up appropriately is crucial. A full-face helmet, robust gloves, durable boots, and protective leather suits are recommended to safeguard against the inherent risks associated with high-speed riding. For newer riders, the learning curve can be steep, underscoring the importance of adequate protection.

Technological Edge and Brand Diversity

Manufacturers continually innovate to give their sportbikes a competitive edge. From the high-revving inline-four engines of Honda to the distinctive growl of Yamaha’s crossplane crankshafts, each brand infuses its models with unique technologies that enhance performance and riding experience. Kawasaki and Suzuki, with their rich racing heritage, offer bikes that are not just fast but also imbued with a sense of legacy and achievement.

Best Sport Bikes 2024

#1 Aprilia RS 660 – $11,549

Aprilia RS 660 - $11,549
best sport motorcycle 2024

The Game-Changer

The Aprilia RS 660 has captivated the sports bike scene, delivering excitement from the moment it was unveiled. This model diverts from the conventional path trod by its predecessors like the ZX-6R and R6, offering an enticing blend of a lightweight frame and robust power output. With 100hp packed into a 169kg body, the RS 660 redefines agility and speed in its class.

Innovation and Impact

Aprilia’s approach to the RS 660 isn’t just about participation; it’s about leading the pack. The bike comes equipped with advanced technology, much of which is borrowed from the more powerful RSV4, setting a potential new standard for the middleweight category. The RS 660 not only enriches its own lineup but also sets the stage for future models like the Tuono naked and the Tuareg ADV, promising a ripple effect of innovation and inspiration across the industry.

#2 Triumph Daytona 660 – $9,195

Triumph Daytona 660 - from $9,195

The British Challenger

Making a strong debut in early 2024, the Triumph Daytona 660 builds on the robust foundation of the Trident 660. While detailed ride assessments are still forthcoming, the motorcycle has already generated significant anticipation based on the performance of its stablemates, which hold their own against competitors like the Yamaha MT-07 and Kawasaki Z650.

Positioning and Promise

With an output of 95bhp and a solid price tag, the Daytona 660 presents itself as a formidable contender in the middleweight sports bike market. It promises exceptional performance and great value, positioning itself as a standout choice for riders looking for a blend of power, agility, and affordability.

#3 Kawasaki Ninja 650 – $8,499

Kawasaki Ninja 650 - $8,499

The Reliable Contender

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 may not be the most powerful bike in its class, but it excels in offering a remarkable balance of performance and price. Following its latest updates, the new model sees a slight price increase but justifies this with enhanced refinements to its 649cc parallel-twin engine, making it a more polished version of itself with a great value proposition.

Riding Experience

While it doesn’t possess the razor-sharp focus of the ZX-6R, the Ninja 650 provides an engaging ride, particularly on winding roads where its well-balanced chassis comes to the fore. This bike continues to be a favorite for riders who value a nimble and enjoyable riding experience without the need for extreme power.

#4 Yamaha YZF-R7 – $9,199

Yamaha YZF-R7 - $9,199

The Successor

With the discontinuation of the R6, Yamaha introduced the R7, effectively taking over the reins but with a distinct approach. The R7 scales back on sheer horsepower, offering a more manageable 72.3bhp from its 682cc engine, yet it maintains the dynamic and engaging ride characteristic of its predecessor. With its affordable price, it offers a more accessible entry into Yamaha’s revered ‘R’ series, ensuring the legacy continues in a form suited to a broader audience.

#5 Suzuki GSX-8R – $9,439

Suzuki GSX-8R - $9,439
best sport motorcycle 2024

Emerging Star

Introduced late in 2023, the Suzuki GSX-8R has quickly garnered attention thanks to its innovative 776cc engine and promising performance indicators from its GSX-8S sibling. While the full riding experience is yet to be documented, the initial feedback points to a bike that could potentially redefine expectations in the middleweight category.

Market Position

With a competitive pricing strategy, the GSX-8R is poised to challenge established norms, offering an intriguing combination of price and performance. This model is positioned to appeal to riders who are looking for the latest in sports bike innovation without breaking the bank.

#6 Kawasaki ZX-4R – $9,399

Kawasaki ZX-4R - $9,399

Nostalgia with a Modern Twist

Kawasaki has reintroduced its expertise in the middleweight sports category with the ZX-4R, alongside its ZX-6R sibling. By offering the ZX-4R, which includes the RR and SE variants, Kawasaki breathes new life into the class. At 399cc, this four-cylinder machine doesn’t merely attempt to replicate the past; it revitalizes it with a potent 79bhp and the much-missed iconic supersport soundtrack.

Market Positioning and Riding Joy

While it may lag in torque and fuel efficiency, the ZX-4R’s price tag of $9,399 makes it a financially attractive option in the sports bike segment. The real charm, however, lies in the sheer enjoyment of its high-revving engine, promising exhilarating rides that echo the golden era of middleweight racers.

#7 Honda CBR650R – $9,899

Honda CBR650R - $9,899

The Practical Performer

The Honda CBR650R continues the legacy of the iconic CBR600F with a focus on all-round capabilities at an accessible price point. It’s a strategic blend of practicality and performance that recalls the beloved CBR600F of the 1990s, further refined over the years with enhancements in power and styling, particularly with its Fireblade-inspired looks introduced in 2019.

Balanced Offering

Honda’s engineering prowess shines through in the CBR650R, offering a balanced four-cylinder engine that ensures it’s not just for beginners but not quite for pros either. It’s positioned as the “Goldilocks” bike in the lineup, offering a just-right fit for riders seeking both reliability and excitement without the extremes of more specialized models.

#8 2024 KTM RC 390: $5,899

2024 KTM RC 390 $5,899

Racing Pedigree

KTM maintains its racing pedigree with the RC 390, a bike that delivers learner-legal excitement without compromising the brand’s reputation for producing sharp, capable sports machines. The latest generation comes with aesthetic updates and improved equipment levels, aligning it closely with KTM’s MotoGP efforts.

Dynamic Performance

Despite its small size, the RC 390’s 44bhp and 373cc single-cylinder engine provide ample power within a lightweight frame (3.3 lbs), making it exceptionally agile on tight and twisty roads. The newest model offers improved ergonomics, making it less cramped and more enjoyable for a broader range of riders.

#9 Zero SR/S: $20,995

Zero SR/S: $20,995

The Electric Enigma

As the sports electric motorcycle market evolves, Zero Motorcycles steps up with the Zero SR/S, a sportier adaptation of its established SR/F platform. While it carries the typical drawbacks of early electric models, such as bulky bodywork and a somewhat dated design, it marks a significant step toward integrating electric powertrains in sports-oriented bikes.

Economic and Environmental Considerations

Despite one of the highest entry price, the Zero SR/S presents long-term savings in running costs and appealing to environmentally conscious riders. However, its cost is substantially higher than its combustion counterparts, posing a significant barrier for widespread adoption.

#10 MV Agusta F3 800 – $20,980

MV Agusta F3 800

The Exquisite Exotic

The MV Agusta F3 800 offers a premium experience among the best sport bikes in 2024, boasting a sophisticated 798cc triple-cylinder engine that delivers a powerful 147bhp. This bike not only competes with its mid-capacity peers but also poses a challenge to larger 1000cc motorcycles.

Luxury on Two Wheels

With its high price, the F3 800 is undeniably a luxury option. It combines high performance with a striking design and top-tier finishes, making it a motorcycle that offers thrill on the roads and tracks while ensuring riders feel a cut above the rest in terms of exclusivity and allure.

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