2024 Lectric XPedition Review
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2024 Lectric XPedition Review

The Lectric XPedition stands out in the burgeoning e-bike market as a robust and affordable cargo ebike. Built upon the popularity of Lectric’s original XP, this model retains the brand’s hallmark features, including a powerful hub motor and a versatile frame design, while catering specifically to those who need a practical solution for carrying heavy loads.

Exploring Lectric XPedition Ebike

Lectric XPedition Top Speed and Powerful Engine

Lectric XPedition Top Speed

Diving into what really makes the Lectric XPedition tick, it’s the 750-watt hub motor, with a peak capability of 1310 watts. This isn’t just about numbers; it translates to real-world usability. Even when fully loaded with a hefty 450 pounds—300 of which can sit on the rear rack—this motor pushes through, hitting top speeds of 28 mph on pedal assist and 20 mph when using the throttle. In urban settings or while navigating crowded streets, this level of power ensures that the ride isn’t just smooth, but also swift.

Navigating the Ride

On to how it feels on the move. The smaller 20-inch wheels coupled with a shorter wheelbase make the XPedition quite responsive. This is fantastic for quick turns and maneuvering through tight spaces—key in urban environments. However, this design choice does have a trade-off: the ride can get bumpy on less-than-perfect roads. Thankfully, the wide, three-inch puncture-resistant tires do offer a buffer, softening the impact of potholes and uneven terrain, making it more bearable at lower speeds.

Components and Build

Braking and Shifting

Focusing on the nuts and bolts, the XPedition doesn’t skimp on essentials. The Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, with those hefty 180 mm rotors, provide the stopping power needed, especially under load. Then there’s the Shimano Tourney drivetrain. Although the over-the-bar shifter ergonomics might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they do the job without glitches, ensuring smooth transitions between gears.

Step-Through Frame for Easy Access

The frame design is a highlight, particularly the step-through aspect, making it easy to get on and off the bike. This feature is a nod towards inclusivity, accommodating a height range from 4′ 11″ to 6′ 5″. Although, it’s worth noting, the taller end of the spectrum might find it a bit of a stretch—literally. Adjustability is ample, with a telescoping seatpost and a tool-free adjustable stem that tweaks the reach and height, aiming for an optimal riding posture.

Lighting the Way

Visibility is crucial, and here, the integrated 570 lux headlight and taillight set powered by the bike’s own battery come into play, enhancing safety during early morning rides or late-night returns.

Quick Release Pedals

Lastly, the quick release pedals are a clever touch, reducing the fuss during initial setup or when making space during transport. While some might prefer more traditional alloy pedals, the convenience offered here aligns well with the bike’s overall practical ethos.

Range Testing: Pushing the Limits of the Lectric XPedition

Setup and Test Course

The range test is quite the endeavor, starting with a fully charged battery, right off the charger. The test course itself is a diverse mix of terrains, featuring paved paths, gravel, and dirt sections, along with hills and valleys, presenting a comprehensive challenge to assess the bike’s battery endurance. The XPedition, equipped with a 672Wh battery, managed to travel 25.7 miles while conquering over 1900 feet in elevation gain—note that this was achieved without any pedaling input, relying solely on electric power.

Dual Battery Option

For those requiring longer distances, the XPedition offers a dual battery setup which practically doubles the range. Installing the second battery is a breeze since the holder is preinstalled and prewired. This option is ideal for longer trips or heavier usage without the frequent need for recharging.

Cargo Carrying Capabilities

Strength and Stability

One of the notable advantages of using 20-inch wheels is their inherent strength, allowing less flex under heavy loads. This bike can support up to 450 pounds, with 300 pounds on the rear rack alone. Even when maxed out on weight, the XPedition rides smoothly, though maneuvering it off the bike or onto a kickstand becomes more challenging.

Utility and Customization

The cargo rack itself is a robust platform, ideal for various configurations, whether it’s carrying children, groceries, or camping gear. Preinstalled wheel guards enhance safety, preventing any accidental contact with the bike’s moving parts. Adding running boards for additional passenger comfort is easy and tool-free, though some minor adjustments might be needed for a perfect fit.

Interface and User Interaction

Considerations for Transport

Despite its utility, the bike’s 75-pound weight might be a limitation for some bike racks, particularly older models without a high weight capacity. Some newer racks come equipped with ramps for easier loading, a feature worth considering if regular transportation of the bike is anticipated.

Detailed and Informative Display

At the heart of the XPedition’s user experience is its comprehensive display, which prioritizes both functionality and ease of use. Atop the display, a 10-segment battery level indicator provides a clear visual representation of remaining battery life, an essential feature for managing longer trips or heavy loads. The central focus of the display is the current speed, prominently displayed for easy monitoring while riding.

Below the speed indicator, the pedal assist setting is shown, allowing riders to easily adjust the level of motor assistance according to their needs or riding conditions. This display also incorporates an odometer, a trip counter, and light indicators, among other useful data fields, ensuring that all necessary information is readily accessible at a glance.

Unpacking and Setup


Lectric is known for its customer-friendly approach to bike delivery, particularly with its foldable e-bikes that arrive almost ready to ride. However, non-foldable Lectric Xpedition Ebike requires a bit more effort. It ships in a standard bike box weighing over 85 pounds, making the initial move to an assembly area potentially challenging. Assistance from a second person is recommended to safely handle and position the box for assembly.

The assembly process mainly involves removing protective packaging and reading through warnings. The critical steps include checking all bolts for tightness, setting the tire pressure correctly, and ensuring the battery is fully charged before the first ride. For those who prefer visual aids, Lectric provides an extensive library of helpful videos that cover everything from accessory installation to troubleshooting and regular maintenance.

Price and Assessment

Lectric XPedition Ebike – $1,399 – $1,699

The Lectric XPedition stands out in the cargo e-bike market for several compelling reasons. Priced between $1,399 for the single battery option and $1,699 for the dual battery setup, it offers robust functionality and versatility that significantly undercuts many competitors. This competitive pricing strategy makes the XPedition an attractive proposition for a wide range of users. Whether you’re a first-time e-bike buyer or someone considering a cargo bike as a practical alternative to car trips for transporting goods or children, the XPedition is designed to meet these needs effectively.

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