Ride1up Roadster V2 Review 2024 | Detailed Specifications
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2024 Ride1up Roadster V2 Review

At first glance, the Roadster V2 from Ride1Up may deceive the uninitiated, appearing as just another commuter bike. However, underneath its conventional exterior lies a robust motor that provides ample assist power, ensuring a ride that’s not only efficient but also exhilarating. The integration of the battery within the down tube enhances the bike’s streamlined look, making it nearly indistinguishable from non-motorized variants.

Despite its powerful features, this e-bike maintains a lightweight framework that contributes to its agility and ease of handling, making it an absolute joy to ride. Whether zipping through city streets or cruising on a scenic path, the Roadster V2 offers a lively and responsive riding experience. Additionally, its affordability places it among the top contenders for those seeking a budget-friendly electric bike without compromising on quality and performance.

Detailed Specifications and Design Choices

Frame and Size Variations

Frame and Size

The Roadster V2 comes in two frame sizes: 52cm and 58cm. Choosing the right size is crucial for comfort and performance. The 58cm frame suits individuals around 5’11”, while those under 5’9” might find it oversized. Conversely, the 52cm frame may feel too petite for taller riders. It is advisable to compare personal measurements with the geometry charts on Ride1Up’s website to find the perfect fit, or better yet, take the bike for a test ride if possible.

Color Options and Build Quality

Available in three sleek colors, the Roadster V2 caters to different aesthetic preferences while maintaining a high-quality aluminum frame. The non-removable battery integrated into the frame not only preserves the bike’s elegant look but also simplifies the overall design.

Innovative Drive and Quiet Operation

Roadster V2 - single-speed mechanism

The bike operates on a single-speed mechanism and is equipped with a belt drive system, preferred for its quiet and smooth performance compared to traditional chain drives. This feature enhances the Roadster V2’s utility as a commuter bike, ensuring a silent ride that won’t disturb the peace.

Minimalist Interface and Functional Extras

A small, handlebar-mounted LCD display provides essential information such as speed, battery status, and assist mode at a glance. The touch buttons on the display allow for easy mode adjustments on the go. Additionally, the integration of a bell into the left brake lever is a thoughtful touch, ensuring safety without the need for extra accessories.

Wheel and Tire Configuration

Roadster - Kenda Kwest 700c wheel

Kenda Kwest 700c wheels are equipped with road-oriented tires that include a modest tread pattern, suitable for occasional off-road excursions on light gravel. This adaptability makes the Roadster V2 a versatile choice for varying riding conditions, although it’s primarily designed for urban environments.

Dynamic Performance and Practical Insights

Authentic Riding Experience

Ride1Up Roadster V2 - Riding Experience

The Ride1Up Roadster V2 excels in preserving the traditional bike feel, a challenging feat for e-bikes due to the extra weight from motors and batteries. However, this model manages to maintain nimble handling and a zippy ride, closely mimicking the experience of riding a non-motorized bike. The pedal assist feature, which is smooth and adequately powerful for most terrains, activates with a slight delay but effectively supports uphill rides and faster pacing on flat surfaces.

Intuitive Design Meets Functionality

Ride1Up Roadster V2 - LCD display

Despite its small size, the LCD display on the handlebar offers essential information in a non-obtrusive setup, contributing to the bike’s sleek appearance. While it could be challenging to read under direct sunlight due to glare, its simplicity and ease of use make it appealing for everyday riders. This minimalistic approach extends to the overall design, avoiding the overtly technological look of many modern e-bikes.

Considered Specifications and Adaptability

Opting for rim brakes over hydraulic disc brakes likely serves to reduce both weight and cost. Although adequate under normal conditions, these brakes might underperform in wet or adverse weather compared to disc brakes. Additionally, the narrow handlebars, reminiscent of messenger bikes, facilitate easier navigation through traffic but may require adjustments for those preferring more stability.

The bike’s single-speed setup and hub motor configuration reveal some limitations. Particularly, starting from a complete stop on steep inclines can be challenging without the torque provided by additional gears. During testing, a minor incident involving a front wheel wobble indicated potential durability concerns, though such issues are easily rectifiable.

Battery Life and Range Expectations

Roadster battery

Ride1Up’s claim of a 20-30 mile range appears consistent with observed battery performance, demonstrating longevity even on higher assist settings. Initial tests show promising battery endurance, supporting the bike’s suitability for both short trips and longer commutes without frequent recharges.

Accessory Options and Availability

While the accessory offerings for the Roadster V2 are currently modest, the available options include essential additions like a replacement display unit, a phone mount, a rear rack, and panniers. These accessories help enhance the bike’s functionality and adaptability to various commuting needs, though the selection is somewhat limited.


Ride1Up Roadster V2$895

Ride1Up Roadster V2 – $895

Positioned within the budget-friendly sector of the e-bike market, the Roadster V2 offers significant value, especially when compared to its peers like the Ride1Up Core5, the Propella 7S, and the Aventon Soltera. It excels in providing a fun, lightweight riding experience that mimics traditional bikes, making it ideal for urban commuters. Its unassuming design and functionality make it an excellent choice for city dwellers who may need to carry their bike up stairs or navigate busy streets. Overall, the Roadster V2 emerges as a top recommendation for anyone seeking a cost-effective yet high-performing solution for daily commuting.

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